Whether you’re a Chiefs fan, a 49er’s fan, an Usher fan, or yes, even a Taylor Swift fan, Super Bowl LVIII (58, for you non-Romans) is on its way, and we in the advertising world LOVE this week.

For advertisers, it’s not just about the bragging rights they can have in touting that their brand has a commercial airing during the most watched television event of the year, it often sets the stage for their marketing plans throughout the year, because it’s not just a commercial. It’s a statement of success and a talk trigger. And it’s on one of the only events that people say they watch BECAUSE of the commercials…

A Cint Study about this year’s ‘Big Game’ shared many significant facts about Super Bowl Sunday 2024 that I’ll reference here. Since football fans LOVE to talk stats, let me share some with you. For example…

  • 69% of Americans plan to watch the game. So, more than 2 out of 3 people in ALL OF THE NATION will have their eyes on the tube.
  • Out of the 31% of people who won’t be watching, 100% of them said they will still seek out and watch the commercials.
  • 27% of Super Bowl watchers say the commercials are their favorite part of the game.
  • A :30 second spot during the game costs $7,000,000 (that’s Seven Million dollars) (for a local Knoxville spot on CBS reaching just the DMA, it’s $12,000 per half minute)
  • 67% of people say that the most important reason they enjoy a commercial is humor.

Game Watching generationally breaks out like this:

  1. 28% Millennials (Age 26-41)
  2. 24% Gen X (Age 42-57)
  3. 22% Gen Z (Age 16-25)
  4. 13% Boomers II (Age 58-67)
  5. 12% Boomers I (Age 68-78)

The top 5 commercial market segments we’ll see on Sunday are:

  1. Food 29%
  2. Betting/Gambling Services 27%
  3. Alcoholic Beverages 24%
  4. Technology 15%
  5. Household Products 6%

Why is the Super Bowl such an important place to be seen? The Cint Study noted that 49% of viewers have their perception of a  brand changed based upon seeing a commercial during the game. Not only that, but 56% said Super Bowl commercials influence purchasing decisions after the big game, especially with younger generations.

Something we’re all used to seeing during the Super Bowl is commercials featuring celebrities. It’s a great place for them to shine, but that’s not the only reason they’re used. The Cint Study said 63% of people who see a Super Bowl ad featuring their favorite celebrity or influencer watch the commercial multiple times. Smart advertisers don’t spend millions on commercial creative and talent without utilizing it on every platform they can.

Pre-game, many spots are leaked onto YouTube and Social Media to get maximum mileage and value.

  • 42% of those surveyed said they rewatch Super Bowl ads on YouTube after the game.
  • 37% visit the brand’s website to rewatch.
  • 26% end up purchasing the product.

But that’s not all…1 in 4 share the YouTube link of the commercial with friends, and 1 in 5 share the ad on their personal social media, and then follow the brand itself on social media. So, the effects of a Super Bowl ad reach far, wide and have outstanding residual effects.

We can’t wait to watch (and watch for CMOco’s produced spot for LCUB during the game, or get a sneak peek HERE!) and we’ll share our thoughts on our favorite commercials next week!

– Bruce Thiem, CMOco Director of Integrated Media