CMOco has worked with numerous manufacturing & industrial organizations. We understand how manufacturing companies work, and we develop industry appropriate marketing activities that support and enhance distributor and manufacturer representative relationships. Our goal is to create lead generation, end-user demand, and bottom line growth for both manufacturers and their distribution partners.

“I have worked with CMOco while working at two different manufacturing companies. In both cases, CMOco provided a comprehensive and affordable solution to our marketing needs. CMOco quickly learned our unique industries and crafted marketing strategies to reach our customers, distributors and helped to drive sales conversions.”
Jeff Austad, VP Sales, Ventilation Solutions, Inc.

Strategic Marketing

CMOco understands that industrial and manufacturing companies are unique. They don’t operate like a service company, even though service is crucial to their success. We know that in many cases, your manufacturing company is working with a distribution channel, so your marketing activities are completely different than an organization that markets direct to the end user. We have a lot of experience in this space and have written comprehensive strategic marketing plans that lay the foundation for business success. We consider our strategic marketing plans a logical roadmap. Without it you risk wasting time and money just hoping that something will stick. Our plans are comprehensive and rooted in research.


Just because you’re an industrial or manufacturing company doesn’t mean your brand identity needs to be boring. Your branding is a reflection of your personality and a nod to your level of professionalism and sophistication. CMOco has either evolved or completely rebranded numerous industrial and manufacturing companies. We know how to make your company look current and relevant!

Advertising Campaigns

Even though the approach may be unique to a traditional advertising campaign, leveraging appropriate media outlets to spread the word is highly applicable for industrial and manufacturing companies. Digital display, website retargeting, SEM and even a variety of trade advertising can make up a healthy and effective media mix for you to build brand and product awareness and drive sales conversion.

Social Media 

While you may not think your industrial or manufacturing company needs social media, there are definitely some strong benefits for leveraging social media platforms to tell your story and connect with potential customers. For starters, you can’t beat the MASSIVE impressions that some social media platforms deliver. Even though Facebook or Instagram is a social “consumer” platform, decision makers whom you are trying to reach are also using these platforms personally. So, you CAN reach your target via social media. Also, and potentially most importantly, posting consistent social media content helps raise your profile in search engines so your potential customers can find you faster and easier when researching via search engines.

Digital Marketing 

Search engine marketing, website retargeting, direct email, digital display, texting – it’s all part of the new media digital era, and many of these tactics are great ways for you to target and engage with your customers. But just because they exist doesn’t mean you need to use them all. CMOco helps you determine which approach is best for you that will deliver the most benefit and the strongest return on your investment.


You don’t have to spend $20K-$75K to have an awesome website that promotes your business and the products you manufacture. You can have a small budget and still have a great looking website that you’re proud to share with your customers. CMOco specializes in affordable, information based websites, complete with custom design, original and comprehensive content, as well as initial and ongoing search engine optimization. We have built numerous websites for industrial and manufacturing companies, and we not only tell your brand story in a way that is compelling and unique, we make you look like you spent a fortune when you really didn’t.

Content Marketing 

Blogs, brochures, articles, and thought leadership are just a few examples of types of content marketing that are a great way for your company to get the word out about your industrial or manufacturing organization. You can leverage different types of content marketing and seed it in platforms that are most likely to deliver the most impressions and the best results. CMOco can help develop content marketing. Not a good writer? No worries, we are! We write blogs and articles for our clients on a regular basis. We keep it simple for you!

Video Production  

There is no better way to tell your brand story than by using video! Bring your brand to life through original live action or animated video production. Many industrial and manufacturing companies can be very complex. Videos help break it down and keep it simple for your potential customers to understand. Whether they are overarching brand definition videos, or very detailed product videos, CMOco has extensive experience in video production. We write compelling scripts and develop the overarching creative direction in-house.


Have a big story to tell and need to get the word out? CMOco can craft a strategic press strategy for making sure your business announcements get to the right publications and media outlets, and get published. CMOco has in-depth experience dealing with manufacturing trade publications and digital outlets. We market your press announcement direct to the media and rarely leverage newswires so that your announcement gets to the right media, making your press strategy more effective and efficient.