With CMOco as your partner, your dealership will instantly have someone with years of proven strategic automotive marketing experience acting as your advertising, creative and social media team. We will elevate the quality of your advertising creative so that your stores will stand out in an incredibly crowded marketplace.

CMOco will elevate the quality of your advertising creative to help you stand out in an very crowded marketplace.

“I used to manage all of our advertising myself. I would book all of our media, negotiate the rates and even write all of the TV and radio spots for two dealerships. CMOco removed that entire burden from me, allowing me to focus on running my two stores. They have elevated the quality of our creative and brought fresh automotive marketing strategies that stand out in a very crowded local marketplace. It’s been a great solution for me.”
Greg VonCannon – GM, Rusty Wallace Toyota  –  Dealer, Rusty Wallace Ford

CMOco develops highly strategic marketing plans to help you rise above your competition.

Strategic Marketing

CMOco will develop an overarching strategic automotive marketing plan for your dealership. Don’t fly by the seat of your pants and be solely reliant on monthly incentives. Rise above the noise with a compelling message and a creative media plan to have your dealership stand out. We first start with developing a plan that addresses everything. Branding, messaging, advertising, social media and more. We first craft the plan for your dealership, then we get to work executing!


You may have brand perceptions already established because you sell a certain brand of car, but that does not mean that your dealership does not need its own personal brand identity. Face it, your customers want to know they are dealing with someone trustworthy and reliable. They don’t want to think they are buying from a massive automaker, but from a local business that they can establish a relationship from the point-of-sale through ongoing maintenance and service. YOUR BRAND IS EVERYTHING and CMOco knows how to take your personal identity and blend it with the automaker brand to make it unique to you and one that people can relate to.

We'll help you brand you brand your dealership so your customers know exactly who they're dealing with.
Up your game when it comes to the monthly incentive by letting us develop a creative monthly campaign to entice new and current customers.

Advertising Campaigns

Yes, every month you get a new price-driven incentive from the automaker to help you sell your cars, but doesn’t everyone else? You can’t rely on “bottom-feeding” techniques to consistently build positive consumer perceptions and drive foot-traffic into your dealership. Leveraging the price incentive AND combining it with a witty and conceptual campaign will by far be more memorable and elevate your dealership above all the price-driven messaging of other dealerships. Call us and we are happy to send you numerous samples of our dealership campaigns that are truly original, as well as effective at driving foot-traffic and car sales. CMOco develops monthly automotive marketing strategies that include TV, radio, print, digital and social campaigns, utilizing consistent and compelling creative to maximize your share-of-voice in your market. We also negotiate media buys, ensuring you the best possible rates. We also deal directly with your compliance team for approvals and co-op reimbursement. Let us deal with it all. You go run your dealership!

Social Media

Don’t have time to develop weekly social media content? No worries! We do and we are AWESOME at it. We not only use your social media platforms to reach consumers organically with compelling and consistent messaging, we knock it out of the park with paid social media advertising, maximizing your media dollars with hyper-targeted social media advertising that drives traffic to your website and foot-traffic into your stores. Weekly social media management takes a lot of time. You don’t want to hire someone full-time to manage it. Wouldn’t you rather use that salary for another salesperson? Let us help you leverage the amazing power of free and paid social media to drive sales. Call us to learn more about our success stories helping dealerships like yours with your automotive marketing.

CMOco can relieve the burden from you and your team by creating exciting and relevant social media for all of your platforms, both paid and organic.
It's a digital world and CMOco will execute numerous digital marketing initiatives to help drive traffic to your website and boost sales conversion.

Digital Marketing

Gone are the days of buying TV & radio spots and watching your sales rise! Consumer’s media consumption habits have shifted DRASTICALLY in the past 10 years and if you don’t have a strong digital automotive marketing strategy, you’re truly missing out on building brand awareness and driving consumers to your website to research vehicle pricing and options. It’s a fact that consumers research online before they ever step foot on a parking lot at a dealership. CMOco will execute numerous digital marketing initiatives that will drive traffic to your website and boost sales conversion.

Content Marketing

The lowest hanging fruit driving your dealership sales is by repeat business and referrals. So why not leverage your database of customers to continually engage with them and keep your dealership top-of-mind! From direct email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, useful blogs and more, CMOco will use every available tool to push your message to consumers!

CMOco will use every available tool to push your message to consumers.
Let CMOco get your dealership's news in front of the appropriate media outlets.


Is your dealership dedicated to a cause in your community? Do you have employees doing amazing things to help others? Are you building a new store or relocating to another part of town? Let CMOco get your dealership’s news in front of the appropriate media outlets. We know how to capture a unique hook so that the news media takes notice. We craft strategic media news releases and then contact the appropriate news media directly to secure coverage. We don’t just push a release across a newswire and hope someone picks it up. We get to work making sure your great stories get exposure.