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We know you have a choice in advertising agencies, so we want to share what we feel sets us apart. We think our differentiation will be a competitive advantage for YOU!

We operate as your Chief Marketing Officer

We don’t jump right into a campaign wihout first having a strategic plan in place. We want to ensure that any marketing and advertising tactics we recommend are rooted in accomplishing your business and revenue goals, both short and long-term. We use market data, research, and evaluate your competitive landscape to help us develop a winning advertising strategy that actually gets results.

We are a full-service advertising agency.

We develop comprehensive ad campaigns including media planning and placement, budgeting, and billing reconciliation. We also develop all creative in-house and are proficient at creating high-end television commercials, radio, print, outdoor, digital campaigns and more. We can source influencers and implement influencer campaigns as well as developing and executing experiential customer events. 

Boutique service with global experience.

CMOco has served over 150 clients in 4 different countries, and 16 different states. Our executive team has 165+ years of experience and seven professional digital marketing certifications. We are highly responsive to our clients, and react almost immediately to their needs. We offer the same level of sophisticated advertising solutions as a large advertising agency, but more affordably and with a personal touch.

We hold ourselves to the higest ethical standards.

CMOco will not push you into spending money where it is not necessary. We will even recommend cutting advertising budgets if spending is too high and needs to be more aligned with your revenue goals. Your success transaltes to our success. We want to be your partner for the long-term so we will always strive to do what’s in your best interenst and what we feel is right!

We are smart, fun & creative.

CMOco is highly skilled and trained in our craft. We are strategic first and assess your financial goals before we recommend any advertising strategies. But, we also like to have fun and generate creative break-through ideas that are unique, compelling and engaging. Our goal is to be smart, but make your business stand out. We are also highly approachable with full access to anyone on our team including our President & CEO.

We are the digital marketing/advertising experts.

With over 20 in-house digital advertising products, we are proficient at making effective and efficient digital advertising recommendations. We can put businesses in the best digital ad product designed to reach their target audiences wherever they are in the digital eco-system. We are now implementing artificial intelligence into our campaign planning and into our creative to make smarter, and more data-driven decisions and recommendations for ourselves and our clients.

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