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CMOco works with a variety of products and services companies. Since CMOco has been in business we have been supporting both consumer and business facing companies that either sell, manufacture or distribute products, and we also have a host of service companies on our client roster. From developing go-to-market strategies that evolve into marketing and advertising campaigns, to working with distribution channels, to finding that unique value proposition for a service company, CMOco has extensive experience with these two industries.

“We have enjoyed our partnership with CMOco. They bring a total services solution to us for all our marketing needs. Instead of hiring a mid-level, more junior marketing employee, we have found partnering with CMOco to be far more productive. They bring a team of very high-level of strategic marketing expertise, and they manage and execute all of our marketing initiatives for what we’d pay one junior-level employee. It’s an awesome solution.”
Scott Applegate, President CapitalPlus Construction Services

Strategic Marketing

All good marketing begins with a plan! Even if your business is a products and/or services business you are still selling something and you need to get your company in front of customers to drive your bottom line. No matter the type of business you have, CMOco defines how it will accomplish your business goals by putting a plan in writing so that the money you invest in marketing is strategic, targeted and efficient.

It all begins with a plan and that plan has to be strategic.
Let's get you noticed! Developing a unique brand identity for a product or product line will get you noticed.


Whether you are developing a brand identity for an individual product, product line or full-service support company, CMOco can create branding that is meaningful and will get noticed. Product naming, point of purchase support, slogan creation and more, CMOco can develop all your branding needs, and do it in style!

Advertising Campaigns

Depending upon your specific business, an advertising campaign may or may not be something you need. If you are dealing with a distributor, then your marketing approach will be vastly different than if you were marketing direct to the consumer. Whatever your individual needs may be, CMOco will recommend, develop and oversee the marketing and advertising tactics that make the most sense and deliver the best return on your investment. We start with a strategy and turn that strategy into powerful and compelling creative the boosts your products and services.

Various examples of materials that go into an entire advertising campaign

Social Media

Why not leverage social media whenever you can to get the word out about your company? Especially for a products and services company, we know it’s super time consuming and hard to come up with good content. But, that’s what we are here for! CMOco will determine which social platforms make the most sense for your business (not all will). Then we utilize those platforms with both organic and paid tactics to maximize your share of voice and reach as many of your target consumers as possible.

Digital Marketing

Digital display, retargeting, SMS, SEM, and the list keeps getting longer every year! It is the digital age, and it’s time you got on board. Tap into digital marketing initiatives that are measurable and flexible and can expand and contract with your business as needed. There are so many options and not every approach will be best for you. Based on your target consumer, CMOco will assess and recommend that best digital marketing strategy for you that will deliver the best results for your money!

Digital marketing can mean lots of things but we can get very specific and targeted depending on what your business goals are.
We can remove the entire burden from you to create a great looking website that works in SEO and helps showcase your products and services


Need a great looking informational website to showcase your products and services? CMOco can make it happen! Or if you have 100-thousand skews and need a HUGE e-commerce platform, we are happy to work with one of our partner developers to make it happen while we oversee the design and content. We will remove the entire burden from you and deliver a high quality, low maintenance website that helps grow your business.

Content Marketing

Does your business employee experts in your field? Are they armed with amazing information and knowledge about your specific industry? Let us work with you to leverage that knowledge and turn it into a marketing asset that helps get your company noticed. From white papers, to blogs, to contributing articles and lectures, CMOco will help you organize your knowledge and apply it in a way that becomes a marketing driver for your business.

What you say about your company means everything so let's make sure we organize your story in a way that makes sense to your target audience.
People love videos and there are numerous ways to leverage video across the digital ecosphere.

Video Production

CMOco has developed numerous videos (both for commercial broadcast and for educational purposes) for products and services companies. We use a variety of techniques; character animation, word typography, live action, documentary and personality driven. We write, produce, direct and oversee all production. Let us bring your products and services to life through video!


CMOco can support your products and services business with ongoing publicity support. Let us put our media know-how and press relationships to work for your company to achieve additional exposure and heightened brand awareness.

Good publicity goes a long way when your company needs additional exposure.