strategic marketing

CMOco doesn’t just head straight into execution without a strategic marketing and advertising plan in hand to guide us. We ensure that the marketing and advertising activities we recommend are rooted in research and are designed to grow your business the fastest and most efficient way possible. Having a roadmap for success is key to any business plan, and it’s no different for your marketing and advertising plan. We listen to your goals and then craft specific and focused marketing and advertising tactics that help you achieve those goals.


Competitive Analysis

Strategic marketing plans require competitive analysis so you know how you're different in the marketplace.


Branding and Messaging

If you don't have a brand that represents your business and your personality, we can develop one that truly sets you apart from the competition


Social Media Plan

Strategic marketing has to include social media. For some companies it's a huge part of the mix and for others it's a necessary element to keep them relevant.


The Plan to Win

A strategic plan must always include a plan to win – how can we help your business grow.

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