referral partnerships

CMOco leverages our vast relationship network to help bring new opportunities to our clients and revenue generating opportunities to our referral partners. Call us for a conversation.

CMOco can work with your business as a referral partner. We leverage our vast relationship network to help expose your products and services to new business opportunities. With our 11 years in business working as a marketing & advertising agency, CMOco has built relationships with organizations in almost every business segment. We have the ability to connect you with numerous organizations that are your target customer. We can point you in the right direction, make introductions, and facilitate meetings. Our primary goal is to bring new opportunities that make sense for our clients that benefit them and add more value to their organization. For you, it allows you to potentially have quicker access to your target customer. Products, services, new partnerships, mergers & acquisitions are all opportunities that we like to expose to our clients where it makes sense.

CMOco has had significant success, garnering millions in sales for our referral partners, as well as facilitating merger and acquisition opportunities that bring substantial value to our client and referral partners.

Benefits of Referral Partnerships:

  • Faster & more cost efficient
  • You don’t have to search for prospects yourselves
  • Quicker access to your immediate target
  • Find more clients who will immediately say “Yes”
  • Build brand awareness

Call us at 865.522.4814 for a conversation to learn more about how we can work with you as a referral partner.