CMOco has an extensive portfolio of advertising, marketing and branding capabilities. We develop a variety of marketing and advertising content for our clients that help communicate their individual stories and articulate their differentiation and value proposition. We use a full arsenal of tactics to bring a brand to life. Check out our portfolio below.


Advertising Campaigns

CMOco has a broad range of experience developing and implementing multi-faceted ad campaigns. Digital, social media, television, radio, print, direct marketing, and more, CMOco develops advertising campaigns that are compelling and inspire action! Our campaigns are consistent in messaging across media outlets, yet unique to the audiences each platform serves.


Digital Advertising

CMOco is proficient in all facets of digital advertising. SEM, SEO, Display, Retargeting, Direct Email, SMS, Event Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Mobile Conquesting & MORE!  We have the experience to determine which digital approach is best for your company to help accomplish your goals fast. We then develop compelling creative and optimized text content to drive the best results possible.


Strategic Marketing

CMOco doesn’t jump straight to execution without a plan in hand to guide us. We want to ensure that the marketing and advertising activities we recommend are rooted in research and are designed to grow your business the fastest and most efficient way possible. Having a roadmap for success is key to any business plan, and it’s no different for your marketing plan. We listen to your goals and then craft specific and focused marketing tactics that help you achieve those goals.


Brand Identity

CMOco excels at developing compelling and relevant brand identities. We work with you to create a brand image that not only reflects your personality, but one that is unique and differentiated in your industry. CMOco knows how to make your brand stand out!


Social Media

Managing social media is time-consuming. Get the help you need to better plan, create, grow, inspire and communicate with your online audience. Our comprehensive social media services bring owned, earned and paid media together to drive holistic marketing success. We launch metrics-based strategies that ensure your social efforts support specific marketing objectives and business goals. These strategies will then enable organizations to reach their audience more effectively with optimized experiences and targeted campaigns across the digital ecosystem.


Content Marketing

We make it our business know your business so we can develop strategic content for marketing materials and initiatives such as blogs, brochures, articles and thought-leadership. Your business is unique and we develop engaging content that best showcases your products and services, and drives sales through compelling content marketing activities. 



CMOco uses the power of publicity to help brands connect with their target audience. We leverage our local and national media contacts to garner additional exposure for your business through both traditional and non-traditional media platforms.


Video Production

From TV commercials, to corporate videos, to product and process animation, CMOco has the internal expertise to bring your brand to life through live-action video and animation. We manage your video projects from start-to-finish. Our in-house team has a combined 60 years of video production and TV content development experience. We know what we are doing when it comes to video! 


Website Design

Every organization needs a professionally designed website that communicates your brand message effectively and drives leads. In addition, we understand that once customers are visiting your site they need to have the best user experience possible. CMOco is proficient at articulating your brand through compelling and engaging websites, and we understand the user experience. Our team also has the expertise to extract valuable information and data through analytics, providing ongoing research so we can help you understand and predict patterns of consumer behavior. Our metrics-based strategies enable you to reach your audience more effectively with optimized experiences and targeted campaigns.