municipal & rural broadband marketing

CMOco can guide municipalities and rural community utilities with the rollout of fiber-to-the-premises broadband internet services. We offer a comprehensive yet customizable turn-key solution for a successful launch of your exciting new utility service from start to finish.
Municipal fiber-optic broadband is changing the way people use the internet. It’s faster, more reliable and less expensive than existing options in most urban communities. For some rural communities, it’s merely (finally) having an affordable, reliable and accessible option. Marketing fiber’s competitive advantages and getting the word out to potential customers who don’t speak ‘tech’ represents multiple challenges. Most municipalities aren’t experienced in competing for customers and having competition for their services. This makes moving into a highly competitive broadband landscape with multiple heritage providers who don’t want you poaching their customers unfamiliar territory. We can steer you in the right direction.


CMOco has the telecom marketing experience and expertise to make the incorporation of fiber broadband services in your community effective and successful. Our team of professionals will guide you through it all:

      • Strategic Planning
      • Forecasting & Budgeting
      • Branding
      • Competitive landscape analysis
      • Press/Media relations and releases
      • Strategic marketing directives and tactics
      • Creative media messaging, planning and purchasing
      • Effective digital and conventional advertising
      • Professional high-quality production, equal to or better than competition
      • Robust website design, development and integration
      • Targeted social media marketing
      • Intrusive guerilla marketing
      • Eye-catching printed marketing designs and content
broadband marketing strategic approach
We provide it all with step-by-step guidelines based on the pace and duration of your installation schedule and customer landscape. You’ll know our team members by name, and we’ll be accessible whenever you need us with constant open lines of communication. We’re your full-service marketing team with the experience and knowledge to help make your fiber broadband service rollout a winner.
examples of broadband print & digital ads
examples of broadband print and digital ads
examples of social media ads for broadband
examples of social media ads for broadband