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CMOco can help Private Equity Firms gain market share, grow sales, and enhance the value of the businesses you’re invested in. We are very different from your typical consultant-centric groups, we are hands-on and create actionable, measurable deliverables.

CMOco proudly offers robust marketing and advertising services as a “white-label” offering for your Private Equity Firm. Not only does it provide a value-added service for the businesses you’re invested in, it allows you to turn what would normally be an expense into a reinvestment in your businesses OR provides you an additional revenue stream.

With a proven track record, helping Private Equity owned enterprises gain market share, grow sales and enhance value, CMOco is the ideal partner for YOUR PE FIRM. Our ‘Rent a Chief Marketing Officer’ model will enable your organization to earn higher returns on your investments by focusing marketing and advertising expenses on results versus C-level salary and overhead.

Furthermore, as your partner and not a member of the existing management team, CMOco is not burdened by legacy corporate cultures and management politics. This freedom significantly enhances our ability to generate results quickly, and in turn accelerates your ability to realize investment returns.

CMOco brings not only our high-level, strategic marketing and advertising expertise, we bring all the infrastructure of a sophisticated advertising agency to develop powerful and effective campaigns to reach your businesses target customers – driving sales, and more value for you the investor. No matter the industry, CMOco has robust advertising tools to reach your target customers no matter where they are, with a compelling message that gets companies noticed.

NO LONG TERM COMMITMENT REQUIRED. Best yet, CMOco does not require long-term contracts. If you’re not happy with our work, or if you sell your business, then just give us a 30- day notice, and we can part-ways with no strings attached and no contracts to be paid out.

What does it hurt to have a conversation? We’d love to tell you more about what we can do.

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