about us

CMOco was founded in 2011 and consists of strategic marketers, brand builders, digital marketers, creatives, social media experts and more. We work with organizations to develop strategic marketing and advertising initiatives that support your business and financial goals. 

Full Service Marketing and Advertising Agency

CMOco is a full-service marketing & advertising agency. We are results oriented, leveraging analytic reporting and financial performance to measure our success. CMOco operates as your Chief Marketing Officer and marketing team on an ongoing basis, or we operate as your full-service advertising agency. The team at our agency develops highly sophisticated and highly compelling advertising campaigns. How? Our team consists of highly trained and experienced strategic marketers, creatives, digital marketing pros, social media experts, brand builders and more! From Media planning & placement, campaign messaging and branding, video production, digital advertising, radio, print and more. We do it ALL!

Our Agency is boutique by design. While we would put our advertising campaigns up against any large advertising agency in the country, we prefer a more relationship-driven approach that you may not get with a large marketing and advertising agency. Why? because we like to look at the big picture and take a more holistic approach to your marketing and advertising. Most agencies focus on a campaign for a point in time, but CMOco likes to look at both your short-term and long-term goals and craft marketing and advertising strategies that build brand awareness and drive sales for the long haul.

CMOco also has the most sophisticated resources in-house.  We activate marketing and advertising initiatives that reach your target customers in the platforms in which they consume media. With over 18 digital advertising products in-house, we make highly effective and efficient digital advertising recommendations that hyper-target your audience with your messaging. 

Our Agency prides itself on being a true strategic partner, highly responsive, and always willing to go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. Have fun navigating our site. Learn more about who we are and checking out samples of our work. We think you’ll be impressed. Call us for a free consult today! 865.522.4814