If you’re not using video to help market your business, you may want to incorporate it into your marketing strategy sooner rather than later. Video marketing is not a new concept, but what bears consideration is that video has become important on every platform and channel. It dominates social in particular and is now a viable tactic for advertising your business. Consider how our viewing abilities have changed; now most of us have multiple screens to view content; screens throughout our home, smart phones, tablets, and even smart appliances! Video is an extremely versatile type of content. Videos are easy to digest, and when done correctly, can be highly engaging and even entertaining. There are multiple ways to produce a video for your business and types of video approaches:

Explainer Videos

Reading a how-to versus watching a how-to is a completely different experience and many people retain information better through visual means.

Combine Live Action and Graphics

You can produce live action videos, graphics-only videos or a combination of the two. Many companies now exist that can produce short, simple graphics driven videos at a very good price.

Live Video

Live videos are another excellent way to get personal with your audience and they perform extremely well. The Digital Marketing Institute indicates that live video via Facebook or Instagram stories will account for 13% of traffic by 2021.

Video and SEO

Let’s not forget about the importance of videos and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines see video as high-quality content so consider utilizing them in various ways – social media, web content, email content – they can help tremendously with your SEO. As we find ourselves in an increasingly impersonal digital world, video is here to stay. People are looking for ways to connect in a way that seems personal. Use video to express the personality of your business, promote an event or to offer a brief overview. Just make sure you do your research and have a clear understanding of what you want to communicate in your video and the type of channel you choose to display your video suits the purpose. Looking for someone to help create killer video content for your business and use them on your social, website, and email content? We’d love to help! Contact us to learn more: