The first week or two, we may have thought that working from home wasn’t so bad. We could sleep in a tad later, ditch the shower and make-up until late in the day (or maybe altogether), and work from our kitchen table in our pajamas. Sounds pretty decent right?

Fast forward weeks into quarantine and now it’s become a real struggle to find that right balance to what has become the “new normal” for our lives. Juggling work, parenthood, house maintenance, physical activity, and more all while doing everything possible to remain within a 6-foot distance from anyone! It’s OVERWHELMING.

Not that I’ve perfected this new life, but I have tried to implement a few things that have helped create some structure.

Create a Household Schedule

This is no different than the schedule you had prior to the quarantine with the exception that everything has shifted to the home. Set your alarm at the same time each day and make sure everyone knows what they will be focused on each day. Make a list with assigned responsibilities if that helps make things clearer.

Define Your Work Boundaries

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have boundaries. Do your best to tell family members you are off limits during certain times of the day – but to be fair, take several short breaks to provide your family the attention they deserve during this time.

Stay Active

It’s easy to become a couch potato when all you have to do is go from the bedroom to the kitchen to your work desk. During those short breaks throughout the day, make an effort to be physically active, even it’s just a brief walk. It will help you clear your mind and the fresh air is good for you.

Set Goals

Try to set a goal for yourself outside of work or family. It’ll give you something to strive for and focuses your attention on something other than work or family. Read that book you’ve wanted to read, do a home improvement project, or dive into a cause you’re passionate about. It will make you feel accomplished.