Social media has become the key to generating leads and growing your business. It’s easy to get lost in the abyss of social media with the number of users sharing content every second of every day. That’s why using a social media dashboard has become so important.

 Social Media Dashboard

A social media dashboard is a tool used to monitor your different social media accounts, track your performance, optimize social media campaigns and keep track of mentions and notifications. Using a social media dashboard allows you to manage your engagement and see which strategies are working and which ones aren’t. There are multiple dashboards out there, all having the goal of making social media engagement easier. Many have similar features, which include:

  • Track Campaigns
  • Track Keywords and Hashtags
  • Track Competitors
  • Track Mentions
  • Collect from all Accounts
  • Monitor Analytics
  • Include Team Members
  • Easily Respond and Engage
  • Benefits of Using a Social Media Dashboard

1.  Improve Productivity

Don’t waste valuable time by getting lost in the sea of social media. Manage your time properly by combining your platforms and notifications on one site. By using a social media dashboard you can make sure you allocate your time wisely between social media and other aspects of your business.

2.  Monitoring and Tracking

This is one of the most important benefits of a social media dashboard because you can track mentions, keywords, hashtags, and competitors across all your accounts. By having this information easily accessible, you can stay on top of everything relevant to your company and stay ahead of trends.

3.  Collaboration

Collaboration is extremely important to large businesses with many departments and agencies handling the social media accounts of multiple clients. This allows you approve upcoming posts and know who is responsible for specific actions.

4.  Brand Management

Using the dashboard allows you to set up keyword searches that will track what people are saying about you and your product or service. Being able to find these quickly and engage can prevent negative blowback in the future, or encourage good sentiment.

5.  Schedule Content

With a social media dashboard there is no need to set an alarm to remind you to post. You can schedule your posts months or days in advance down to a specific upload time. Another great aspect is that you can easily edit, change times, or add new posts without it affecting the rest of your schedule.

Using a social media dashboard is essential to streamline your process by tracking competitors, keywords, hashtags, mentions, and notifications important to your company. Plus, keeping track of all social media channels in one place saves you precious time and energy. Social media engagement is the best way to develop trust and grow relationships, generate leads, and expand your brand.

How to Handle Frequent Updates to Dashboards

One thing to note is that social media platforms and dashboards tend to change and update frequently. Facebook for example, updates their tools and algorithms quite often, and they don’t make a habit of notifying users when they do. That’s why for most companies, it’s hugely beneficial to hire a professional marketing firm that is routinely plugged into all social media platforms and is constantly monitoring these changes to understand how they affect your social presence.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CMOco can help you with all aspects of social media including content creation, growing followers and advertising across the social ecosystem, please contact us. We’d love to work with you and help you grow your business!