Advertising Campaigns for the Automotive Industry


Advertising Campaigns



Yes, every month you get a new price-driven incentive from the automaker to help you sell your cars, but doesn’t everyone else? You can’t rely on “bottom-feeding” techniques to consistently build positive consumer perceptions and drive foot-traffic into your dealership. Leveraging the price incentive AND combining it with a witty and conceptual campaign will by far be more memorable and elevate your dealership above all the price-driven messaging of other dealerships. Call us and we are happy to send you numerous samples of our dealership campaigns that are truly original, as well as effective at driving foot-traffic and car sales. CMOco develops monthly automotive marketing strategies that include TV, radio, print, digital and social campaigns, utilizing consistent and compelling creative to maximize your share-of-voice in your market. We also negotiate media buys, ensuring you the best possible rates. We also deal directly with your compliance team for approvals and co-op reimbursement. Let us deal with it all. You go run your dealership!