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Leila Dunn, CMOco Account Project Manager

Account Project Manager

Leila Dunn is the Account Project Manager at CMOco, responsible for monitoring all activities related to client accounts, workflow, and deliverables. As the primary liaison between clients and our agency, Leila establishes close relationships with our clients to understand their scope of work and make recommendations for how CMOco can best support each account. She oversees the productivity of all team members to ensure projects are efficiently established, organized, executed, and delivered on time. 

Prior to joining CMOco, Leila had spent the past 11 years leading different creative teams for multiple corporate retailers as an Art Director and Photo Studio Manager, as well as handling creative marketing Production and Operations. Leila is an Alumni of The Ohio State University, where she met her husband in 2011. They moved to Tennessee in 2021 and love spending as much time outdoors and traveling with their two young sons and dog.