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Christina Sampieri, CMOco Senior Social Media & Digital Strategist

Senior Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist

Christina Sampieri brings 10+ years of social media and digital marketing experience to CMOco’s executive team. Christina is responsible for developing and implementing social media strategies and activities for all of CMOco’s clients. She determines which social platforms are appropriate for each client’s individual needs and objectives, and then develops comprehensive strategies to build brand awareness and grow a brand’s presence throughout the digital eco-system. Christina will also be highly involved in developing paid advertising strategies within social platforms and leveraging CMOco’s digital ad platforms to drive sales for our clients. Prior to joining CMOco, Christina ran her own social media marketing business where she developed and implemented social media strategies for numerous small businesses. Christina has also been responsible for the social media strategy and content development and oversight for Knoxville Moms and Chattanooga Moms parenting websites. Christina has worked as the Executive Director and the Tourism Director of the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce where her role was to oversee the promotion of tourism across the state of Tennessee. Christina also worked as a lifestyle columnist where she was awarded top honors by the Tennessee State Press Association.