Private Equity

With a proven track record, helping PE owned enterprises gain market share, grow sales and enhance value, CMOco is the ideal partner for YOUR PE FIRM. Our ‘Rent a Chief Marketing Officer’ model will enable your organization to earn higher returns on your investments by focusing marketing expenses on results versus C-level salary and overhead.

CMOco creates actionable, measurable deliverables and is VERY different from typical consultant-centric groups. We recommend, you agree and CMOco executes for you! Our target clients are the same as your target clients: Businesses with solid foundations that have enormous yet unrealized potential for enhancing value, but who lack the strategic vision or internal expertise to execute.

Furthermore, as your partner and not a member of the existing management team, CMOco is not burdened by legacy corporate cultures and management politics. This freedom significantly enhances our ability to generate results quickly, and in turn accelerates your ability to realize investment returns.