Grady Mac Denim

CMOco was retained by Tullahoma Industries to help the apparel company launch a new premium denim jean line to the consumer marketplace. CMOco was responsible for product naming, brand identity development, the development of the e-commerce platform, marketing and advertising initiatives, public relations, and partnership development.

Based in rural Tullahoma, Tennessee, Grady Mac Denim is created by Tullahoma Industries owned and operated by the son and grandson of Grady Mac Davenport. Tullahoma Industries is the same company that has designed and manufactured the uniforms worn by the men and women serving our country in the United States Armed Forces since the Vietnam War. Tullahoma Industries is known for making quality clothing that is durable, reliable, and comfortable. To this day, Tullahoma Industries is still a primary provider of uniforms for our troops. Tullahoma Industries begins a new era by building on its American heritage by launching the Grady Mac Denim Company. Using all American Made fabrics and hand-crafted in the heart of Tennessee, Grady Mac jeans are modern and stylish, yet rooted in the same quality, durability, and comfort that Tullahoma Industries is known to produce.

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