Executive Team

The Executive Team at CMOco are marketing pros with expertise in traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media, branding & graphic design.
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LORI ASBURY, President
CMOco President and CEO Lori Asbury is a proven leader with over 25 years experience in senior-level management, strategic brand development, organizational operations, and consumer marketing. Lori possesses an in-depth knowledge of assessing competitive landscapes, identifying key brand attributes, and building strong and highly recognizable brands with the goal of increasing consumer and revenue share. She has vast experience in operational management and in developing new brand extensions such as products, merchandise, services, and partnerships that provide additional revenue streams. Lori is highly skilled in crafting and executing multi-layered marketing, advertising, and public relations campaigns to support and enhance existing business and generate new relationships that bring value to the organization. Lori has been an instrumental leader in the growth of billion dollar brands such as HGTV, Fox Televisions Stations, Inc., and CBS Televisions Stations, Inc. Lori is a skilled problem solver who is able to see the big picture while managing details efficiently. Lori holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Cornell University. In addition to her MBA, Lori holds a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Oklahoma. She is an avid baseball and softball enthusiast as well as a passionate horseback rider and foxhunter. Lori and her 2 children live on a small farm. 

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EMILY BIEGER, Operations Manager
CMOco Operations Manager Emily Bieger oversees the internal operations of CMOco and also serves as an account supervisor. Emily is responsible for all of CMOco's operational activities directing both internal and external support functions. As an account supervisor, Emily oversees the trafficking of workflow, individual project management, content development, copywriting and even graphic design. Prior to joining CMOco, Emily was Marketing Director at Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network where she was responsible for expanding the company’s reach into new markets. Emily has over 27 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing fields predominantly in the Atlanta, GA area ranging from print, radio, and video production, to graphic design and brand management. Emily graduated from Jacksonville State University in Alabama with a BA in Theater and minors in English and Communications.

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SCOTT WOLDIN, Creative Director
Scott Woldin oversees all brand identity development and visual design direction for CMOco. Scott works with CMOco clients in both business facing and consumer facing fields and is highly instrumental in bring thier brands to life. Scott is responsible for leading the visual creative process and is highly trained and experienced in developing corporate identities, mulit-layered advertising campaigns, web design, digital advertising, and various collateral materials (such as brochures, booklets, print ads, presentations, white papers, trade show displays and more). Scott recieved his training from the Univeristy of Louisville where he earned his degree in graphic design and fine arts. Scott is proficient in working with a multitude of design platforms such as Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photo Shop and several more. Prior to working for CMOco, Scott has worked as an independent contractor for numerous organizations, developing a wide variety of advertising and marketing collateral.