CMOco retained by Perceptics High Performance Imaging, Lighting Solutions, and by Country Wide HR

CMOco has been retained by Perceptics High Performance Imaging, Lighting Solutions, and Country Wide HR to Develop Strategic Brand Development and Marketing Initiatives.

Perceptics High Performance Imaging is the leader in imaging systems and vehicle intelligence equipment. Perceptics specializes in manufacturing imaging equipment for the Border Control, Critical Access, Electronic Tolling, Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcment, and Ports & Cargo markets. CMOco has been retained to work with Perceptics and it's internal marketing staff to develop a high-level marketing strategy that supports Perceptic's business objectives of moving into to new markets, driving brand and product awareness, lead generation and sales.

Lighting Solutions is a full service lighting installation company serving a wide range of companies and organizations in the industrial and commercial sectors, helping them save money, capture wasted energy, and increase productivity with custom designed lighting retrofits. Lighting Solutions prides itself on superior personalized service and on giving clients the most amount of light for the least amoung of ennergy. CMOco will be working with Lighting Solutions to build brand and product awareness for Lighting Solutions and the company's divisions Lighting Solutions Limited and Skilled Services. In addtion, CMOco will be crafting stratgic marketing intitatives including digital marketing, lead generation and direct "B to B" marketing campaigns.

Country Wide HR provides payroll and human resources serivces to businesses throughout the United States and help employers improve profitablity and simplify employment through integrated HR services and support. CMOco will be working with Country Wide HR to develop and enhance the company's brand identity, and to develop and execute strategic marketing campaigns that build awareness, generate leads and sales conversion.

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